May 23, 2009

PROLiNK PHS100 USB Wireless Modem

The problem with Windows 7 is finally solved.  I was unable to get it connected to the Internet after I installed Windows 7.  The modem showed cannot find connection port, or failed to connect to the Internet.  Changed to XP compatible mode didn’t help, neither it works after I upgraded the modem firmware.

Perhaps I don’t know how to use Google properly, I just couldn’t find any answer to the problem.  No broadband means no life to me (freakin’ net addict I’m).  So, after some tried and error, I finally made it to work - by creating a new Dial-up connection under Connections tab in Internet Options.  Set the Phone number to *98# and leave everything else as default.  That’s it!  (Yup, it’s Celcom Wireless Broadband number.  I’m using it when I’m away from home).

The PROLINK 3G Modem PC Manager will “work together” with the newly added Dial-up connection.   Why is it that way?  Why can’t it work by itself?  That, I have absolutely no clue.  Due to Windows 7 is still a RC version, maybe?  But as long as I can get my netbook connected to the Internet when I need it while on the go, I’m a happy man.


JessicaD said...
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MSFT_GlenF said...


I'm sorry to hear that you were having issues with your internet connection after installing W7. There are many factors that can contribute to issues with your internet connection. In order to provide you with the exact reason, I would need some more information. For instance:

1. What ISP are you using?
2. What browswer are you using?
3. What specific error messages are you getting and when?

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding W7, or just want some neat facts regarding it, the best site for all the up to date news on the product is found at the Windows 7 support forum, at The site will also give you all sorts of useful information, such as the “what’s new in the RC” feed….or you can also you use as an additional resource

chasb said...

same for me. only way to use the phs100 is througe explorer and make a new dial up connection. isp is mobily in ksa