May 15, 2009

All These While…

Life has been busy, in everything, and I just realized that my last post was over a year ago…aaah, I’ve been lazy! 

Time flies, and so does technology.  Especially in IT industry, only the rich can lay hands on all the latest gadgets.  So what did I get myself in the past 14 months?  Not much I’d say…

After I got myself a new casing, as seen in the previous post, I spent quite some times on PC gaming, and was into home theater stuffs later in the year.  Which also burn a big hole in my pocket! 

After I had my home theater setup, I went back for some PC games again.  Followed by a new Razer Tarantula gaming keyboard, review here, and a Microsoft Razer Habu gaming mouse.  These toys weren’t cheap, but they will bring your PC gaming experience to a new level, if you know how to configure and utilize it.  Why settle you gaming peripherals with a cheap one?  20 bucks keyboard and a RM10 chicken-brand mouse sure can do the job you might say, then might as well we just stick to the granny black and white TV set.  Oh well, personal preference and hobby I’d say.  Even if our gaming skill doesn’t get improve, at least those toys will shine up our table.

Can’t recall when it actually started, PC performance items have found their place in some IT shops in Karamunsing Complex.  Although can’t compare with Lowyat in KL, at least local enthusiasts don’t have to order every single item from KL now.   

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