March 12, 2008

My Gigabyte Chassis

A new PC system definitely needs a new casing. Detailed info is available at the official site. I bought it at Karamunsing ACI Technology Sdn Bhd for RM600. Below are some pictures (sorry for the poor picture quality):

Big box! Almost as tall as the office table but fortunately doesn't weight as heavy!

Out from the box, you get a nicely printed installation guide and a piece of transparent acrylic side panel (just in-case you don't like the metal mesh piece).

The metal mesh side panel. Nice!

Two Gigabyte chassis blue led fans at the exhaust side. Silent fans, which also means low performance fans, in my opinion. Can barely feel the flow (replacement is coming soon, I guess).

Another silent fan at the lower front as intake. Enough to give your HDDs some cool breeze, and it comes with a filter too!

Time to serve (side panel is removed for picture session only)! Things that holded inside are: CPU: Core 2 Quad Q6600 (OC @ 3.3Ghz), Cooler: AC Freezer 7 Pro, Mobo: Asus P5K Deluxe, RAM: Kingston PC2-6400 1G x2, GPU: Asus 8800GTS 320MB, HDD: 250GB+320GB, PSU: SilverStone ST56F.

That's my current workstation and gaming machine (Only the CPU, Mobo, RAM, HDD, GPU, and Casing are new).

* UPDATE * 16th Mar 2008

Rear blue led exhaust fans are now replaced by CM red led units. Still a silent fan, but with just a little bit higher air flow.

CPU idle temperature now max at 38c during day time in my non air-cond room (Q6600 OC @ 3.3GHz with 1.42V). So, pretty good I'd say.