February 1, 2010

Windows Home Server – Sad Case

Time flies, and my WHS trial copy expired.  During the past 120 days, I have been looking here and there trying to get an original copy of the program (or even together with the PC if I have to).  However, no luck for us Malaysian.  I emailed my enquiry to Microsoft USA, telling them about the case, hoping that they might be able to help me out but the representative redirect me to Microsoft Malaysia…WTF, can’t they read the damn mail properly?

Since hp is one of the Microsoft’s partners on this product, I contacted a friend who works in a hp retail outlet, who also has a few contacts working in Microsoft Malaysia.  So she got an answer for me.  Her friend introduced Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition, which costs RM2k+…DUH!! 

Someone said that it possible to buy from Amazon and activate it from Malaysia.  But looks like Amazon now doesn’t ship it out from the USA. 

So, 3 choices:

1)  Forget about the whole damn WHS thing;

2)  Buy or download a pirate copy;

3)  Use the trial version, the follow the AntiWPA group and see what crack they have.

I believe Microsoft is trying their best on anti piracy, but what is freakin’ wrong with selling WHS in Malaysia?  If I still can’t get an original copy, then “Jack Sparrow” will be my only friend…

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